Testimonial 02
April 28, 2016

Testimonial 01

Alex Jr. did a new home inspection for us and we were impressed with how thorough he was, providing photos and even a flash drive of all of the work that needed to be done as well as a detailed estimate. We didn’t bother to request estimates from anyone else. He was extremely responsive with calls and emails about all my questions and scheduling the inspector to come out. We upgraded our main panel, all of our outlets were replaced with to-code receptacles, and new fixtures were installed. The workers showed up on time every day, except for one day when there was an emergency at another site where there was no power.

They called to let me know and came back to the job as soon as they could. The guys were really nice and professional, and talked to me about any issue that came up. Even though we had to spend additional money on unanticipated items, it gave us peace of mind that they were looking out for potentially hazardous wiring that could cause problems in the future. Alex Sr. took over while Jr. was on vacation, but he was up to speed on the project and took care of everything without any hiccups. It was also great that they could accept credit card payments. I would not hesitate to recommend AR Electric. We would definitely use them again.