Commercial Electrical Services
For Los Angeles area and surrounding counties

Upgrade For Efficiency

We can help you design, install and repair all lighting for your buildings, retail properties and commercial spaces. With longtime customers across a variety of industries, we understand the unique demands of the marketplace. Your business deserves the very best, with the most cost effective, environmentally appropriate and enduring products available.

High Quality Work Means Long Term Savings

Insist on the professionals who will do it right the first time. Only AR Electric has the proven track record you can depend upon for any commercial project. You’ll save money and time with AR Electric, the reliable team you can count on.

Even the Smallest Changes Can Make a Big Difference!

We handle everything for our commercial customers from the ground up. Whether you’re a large supermarket or an exclusive retail bookstore, we’ll bring attractive, conversion focused and cost effective utility strategies to the table. Save money with our smart products and design expertise.

Average Energy Reduction

Make a difference and go green. We can shrink your electricity footprint by 15% or more.


Average Utility Bill Savings

Just upgrading your light fixtures can result in significant cost reductions. Ask us how!

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